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  • Drones Doing T&D Maintenance, Storm Duty
    WHILE WALMART AND AMAZON are trying to figure out how to deliver purchases to your door with flying drones, a growing number of utilities are already using unmanned drones to augment their T&D asset maintenance programs.One of the latest to do so was PPL Electric Utilities, which serves eastern Pennsylvania and which received permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to begin using
  • Obama Gives New Boost to Nuclear Energy
    THE U.S. NUCLEAR energy industry may have something to cheer about.Just how things might turn out is anyone's guess, but the Obama administration has mounted a renewed push for nuclear power as a clean-energy solution.The administration's effort includes a recent proposal from President Obama to set aside more than $900 million for the Department of Energy for nuclear energy programs.The DOE also


  • The stakes in Armenia’s nuclear gamble on aging Metsamor nuclear plant are high for the whole region, says an article published by Huffingtonpost website. “Armenia was supposed to have a new nuclear power plant this year that would replace one that National Geographic suggested a few years ago was the most dangerous in the world,” the ...

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