• SMUD's analytics evolve with the smart grid
    Insight Article | Mar 26, 2015 | Jennifer Potter
    Analysts in the utility industry have much work to do these days. With the deluge of data that has accompanied the smart grid evolution, analysts are leveraging the billions of rows of data and working to transform it into actionable insight. Analytics that utilizes data from the smart meters, coupled with data from a smart distribution system, has empowered---and will continue to empower---utilities to answer operational questions and solve problems with greater speed and accuracy.
  • Alex Pischalnikov
    Now is the time for utilities to look at wearable tech
    Insight Article | Mar 24, 2015 | Alex Pischalnikov
    Craig Rintoul
    The utilities industry is undergoing a major revolution---digital technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) are enabling a smarter grid and a renewed focus on the customer. While wearable devices are a fairly new entry into this technology ecosystem, they offer utilities promising opportunities to make operations more efficient and to increase customer satisfaction.
  • A Changing Energy Landscape Creates Opportunity
    From Consumer to Prosumer
    View from the Top | Mar 22, 2015 | John P. Malloy
    Today's utility business environment is more volatile, more uncertain and more complex than in the past. How do we navigate and plot a strategic course forward in this moving and evolving market?
  • British Households could save £200 a year by switching energy supplier
    Insight Article | Mar 19, 2015 | Kevin Burke
    By failing to take advantage of the deals on the market and by staying loyal to their old supplier, around 13.5 million households are missing out on a slice of a potential £2.7 billion in savings, and while millions of these would reduce their energy bills by more than £200, many would save even more.
  • part of the women-in-energy article series
    ESA Chair Lamontagne weathers industry and association changes
    Insight Article | Mar 17, 2015 | Kathleen Wolf Davis
    Colette Lamontagne has spent a lot of her life consulting---talking strategy and planning, technology and road maps. Some of it has been as part of her day job as a director in Navigant's Energy Practice, but, last June, she got a new opportunity to talk about the future when she was named chair of the Energy Storage Association's (ESA) Board of Directors.
  • Execs Tout Gas Utilities' Outlook
    Boom and Boon: Execs Tout Gas Utilities' Outlook
    View from the Top | Mar 15, 2015 | Martin Rosenberg
    Notes from our Round Table discussion with: John Somerholder, AGL Resources chief executive officer; Carl Chapman, Veteran chief executive officer; Ron Jibson, Questar chief executive officer; Jeffrey Shaw, Southwest Gas chief executive officer; Dennis Arriola, Southern California Gas president and chief executive officer; Ralph LaRossa, PSEG president and COO; Scott Prochazka, CenterPoint Energy chief executive officer; Scott Morris, Avista chief executive officer

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  • Andrew Vesey is AES chief operating officer and executive vice president
    The Role of Analytics at Large Utilities-Revolutionizing OperationsITS 2:30 A.M. ON A JULY NIGHT, and a powerful storm is rushing through your utility service area. It causes a tree to fall on a medium-voltage distribution line. As the utility manager responsible, you are now working through an outage.You ask, "How many customers are affected? Where is the tree? How can I get a crew there? Is the


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