• National Mining Association's President and CEO Hal Quinn called EPA's notice requesting alternatives to the agency's power plant rules a frank admission that the proposal is a glorious mess.
  • Contrary to the railroad company's earlier statements, BNSF Railway will run coal trains through the South Fork Valley at least through the end of November, a company spokesman said on Monday, Oct. 27.
  • Consol Energy Inc. is considering spinning off its flagship coal mining operations into a separate, publicly traded partnership as it continues its transformation into a natural gas-focused company.
  • PSALM president Emmanuel Ledesma said the company is considering at offering the entire capacity of the Mindanao coal plant, which is similar to the privatization of Mt. Apo and two power facilities.
  • Metso Corporation, a supplier of technology, automation and services, has won an order for the coal-to-hydrogen revamping project for the oil quality upgrade by Jiujiang refinery of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation, or Sinopec Limited, in Eastern China.
  • A new report by the Southwest Power Pool warns of dire short-term and long-term consequences, including power outages and blackouts, for 15 million consumers in nine states if the EPA imposes carbon dioxide emission restrictions on power plants.
  • DTE Energy has completed a project at the Monroe Power Plant to significantly reduce emissions and improve air quality in the region, making the coal-fired plant one of the cleanest in the country.
  • Gov. Tom Corbett vowed at an Armstrong County campaign rally on Saturday to protect the area's coal industry against federal pollution regulations if he's re-elected next month.
  • Prairie State Generating Company has hired Donald Gaston as its new CEO, the Illinois coal power plant announced late Wednesday.
  • After warning in August that hundreds of miners could lose their jobs, Boone County-based Coal River Energy has laid off 130 mine workers.
  • A company hired to persuade Gov. John Kitzhaber to block a massive coal export terminal had a year earlier retained First Lady Cylvia Hayes as a consultant.
  • Nearly all air samples collected from coal mines in August and September complied with stricter new limits on dust even though the industry had argued it would have trouble meeting the standards, federal regulators announced.
  • The impacts of the

    world's largest and fastest fuel switch, evolving federal policies and

    the increasing use of non-traditional generation are driving the

    industry to recognize the greater need for resource diversity said PJM

    Interconnection President and CEO Terry Boston.

  • Asia power market trends
    Oct 16, 2014 | Derek Handova

    As everyone knows, Asia has been rapidly industrializing since at least the year 2000. One of the limiting factors on this growth has been the availability of energy generation capability as the electrical power market has struggled to keep pace. To supplement the traditional energy sources from nuclear and coal, Asia Pacific countries are now increasingly adding renewable sources such as solar and wind.

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  • Jul 15, 2014 | Ferdinand E. Banks
    "There is no reason why institutions that have direct holdings in coal, oil and gas stocks could not divest immediately." Ian Simm (Chief executive of Impax Asset Management)
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    Jul 06, 2014 | Martin Rosenberg

    We recently discussed the status of coal generation research with Tomasz S. Wiltowski, the director of the Coal Research Center at Southern Illinois University. His edited comments follow.

  • Peak Coal
    Apr 15, 2014 | Ronald R. Cooke

    Comments about coal are usually not complimentary. Despite our dependence on it as a source of heat for electric power generation, environmentalists wish it would go away. On the other hand, advocates like to claim we have more than 110 years of coal left - "at present rates of consumption". Both sides are overlooking crucial points. Let's see if we can clarify the future use of coal as a fossil fuel resource.

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