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  • Can State Utility Commissions Do More to Encourage Combined Heat and Power?
     COMBINED HEAT AND POWER (CHP) is an integrated energy technology that produces both electricity and useful thermal energy with a single source of fuel. It is on the verge of making a comeback after almost 10 years of stagnant growth and indifference by energy policymakers.PURPA stimulated CHP technologies but subsequent unfavorable conditions hampered CHP until recently. If CHP is ever to
  • Coal: Not Going Away Anytime Soon
     AMERICA’S ELECTRICITY COMES mostly from natural gas, coal, hydro and nuclear, which together make up approximately 93 percent of current generation.America’s Electricity Generation Capacity, a recent report published by the American Public Power Association, shows that natural gas is the predominant fuel in current and planned capacity. Wind and solar capacity continue to make inroads,


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