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    STRICT LIMITS ON greenhouse gas emissions, distributed generation, cybersecurity and the proliferation of smart meters and monitors have all meant huge changes in the electric utility business.Sweeping changes have come from the regulatory front, too, of course, and more are on their way.The EPA has proposed detailed plans to reduce carbon emissions, but these will have the greatest impact on
  • The $100 Million Text Message
    ALONG WITH WHATEVER makes utility company executives think of bright futures come a few nightmares such as storms, equipment failures and malicious threats that could cause energy generation or distribution outages. And then there are class-action lawsuits.Often, these suits are filed under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA), which amended the Communications Act of 1934.At


  • As TVA diversifies its power generation, the federal utility will look to the sky for a portion of its energy from the largest solar farm yet built in the Tennessee Valley.

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