• Momma said: time-of-use electricity pricing
    Insight Article | Nov 25, 2014 | Jorge Madrid
    My mom is a pro at shopping for good deals. She taught me the importance of timing my purchases during the off-peak season to get the most value for my dollar. Time-of-Use (TOU) electricity pricing reminds me of the lessons my mom taught me, and it can help empower families to take control of their energy use, while saving money AND improving air quality.
  • Klappa’s View from Wisconsin
    View from the Top | Nov 23, 2014 | Martin Rosenberg
    Wisconsin Energy sees its business shifting somewhat, particularly as distributed generation spreads. EnergyBiz recently sat down with Gale Klappa, the company chairman and chief executive, to discuss these trends.
  • An overview of our Utility2Utility article series
    Insider insight from 40 utilities with one little click
    Insight Article | Nov 20, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis
    Almost two years ago, we started a simple interview series titled "Utility2Utility." The premise was honest: Allow our utility audience to exchange info and advice directly to each other about projects they are working on and trends they see washing over the industry.
  • Potential synergies with the GE purchase of Alstom
    Insight Article | Nov 18, 2014 | Charles Newton
    As many long-term readers of Newton-Evans' reports and articles knew from our assessment reported in 2009, there were back then three major contenders for the $7 billion transmission and distribution business units of the old Areva T&D Corporation.
  • Rhode Island’s Roberti
    View from the Top | Nov 16, 2014 | Martin Rosenberg
    States are now putting together their strategies for complying with unprecedented federal mandates addressing greenhouse gases. Paul Roberti, a member of the Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission, discussed the challenge with EnergyBiz at a recent gathering of regulators.
  • Survey reveals trends
    How utilities can get smarter with infrastructure and data
    Insight Article | Nov 13, 2014 | Martin Travers
    Utility managers across the U.S. share a common challenge: Aging infrastructure, aging workforces and limited budgets continue to increase pressure on utilities to do more with less. Fortunately, advances in communications and sensor technology along with the capabilities of big data and analytics are creating new means to solve challenges once thought insurmountable.

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  • The electric power sector is at a pivotal crossroads that may lead to revolutionary changes. With the drive to decarbonize our energy sources continuing to gain support, the deployment of renewable energy generation such as solar and wind may grow significantly. Improvements in the cost and performance of distributed energy technologies and potential breakthroughs in energy storage are creating


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