• How to Protect Yourself from Utility Imposters
    Insight Article | Oct 21, 2014 | Sarah Battaglia
    There's a hot, new scandal happening in the utility industry that you're going to want to avoid.  Customers across the country are reporting utility imposters who try to forcefully clean out their bank accounts. Dangling the threat of shutting off gas and electric if immediate payment is not received, these scammers are posing as legitimate utility companies, making it difficult for customers to tell the difference.
  • Need Better Grid Integration
    View from the Top | Oct 19, 2014 | Martin Rosenberg
    Small utilities may be too skeptical about the cyberthreats they face, according to Gary Stauffer, executive director of NMPP Energy. We talked with Stauffer in a roundtable at a recent gathering of the American Public Power Association.
  • Asia power market trends
    Insight Article | Oct 16, 2014 | Derek Handova
    As everyone knows, Asia has been rapidly industrializing since at least the year 2000. One of the limiting factors on this growth has been the availability of energy generation capability as the electrical power market has struggled to keep pace. To supplement the traditional energy sources from nuclear and coal, Asia Pacific countries are now increasingly adding renewable sources such as solar and wind.
  • Part of the women-in-energy article series
    Cooper offers the power to Choose
    Insight Article | Oct 14, 2014 | Kathleen Wolf Davis
    "As Kayak is to travel, Choose Energy is to electricity," said Kerry Cooper, CEO of Choose Energy when I asked how she described her gig to people outside of the industry. But even people inside of the industry might be a little confused at what Cooper does. An "energy marketplace" really isn't the norm in most states, as Cooper noted. In fact, most customers still live in areas dominated by regulation.
  • The Power of Technology – and Need to Steer Policy
    View from the Top | Oct 12, 2014 | Martin Rosenberg
    Utilities need to engage to make sure that carbon policy and other forces barreling down on their businesses are well thought out, according to Robert Rowe, NorthWestern Energy president and CEO. He recently talked with EnergyBiz at an industry gathering.
  • U.S. Reports Significant Rise in Electricity Costs
    Insight Article | Oct 09, 2014 | Katia Lundy
    Retail residential electricity prices across the U.S. rose in the first half of this year, averaging 12.3 per kilowatt hour, a 3.2 percent price hike from the same period last year. This is the largest six-month rise since 2009, the U.S Energy Information Administration has reported.

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  • The energy world is evolving from standalone, non-communicative energy generation centers into a mixed bag of distributed generation assets forming a bi-directional OT communication network. This is the vision of the smart grid. The smart grid is becoming a reality, posing major technical challenges for utilities as well as significant economic opportunities for prosumers - producing consumers.


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